5 Reasons Essential Oils are for Everyone

Don’t think essential oils are for you? We’re going to give you 5 reasons why they most certainly are for you too!

  1. Everyone has body systems!

There are essential oils to help support each and every body system that you have, so matter what system needs some extra attention, we have an oil for that!

Here are some examples for each of the main body systems:

  • Digestive: DiGize, Peppermint
  • Integumentary (Skin): Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood
  • Endocrine (Hormones): Endoflex, Rosemary, Cinnamon Bark
  • Musculoskeletal: Valor, Panaway, Marjoram, Deep Relief
  • Excretory: Lemon, Juvaflex
  • Nervous: Copaiba, Peppermint, Helichrysum 
  • Cardiovascular/Circulatory: Cypress, Aroma Life, Ylang Ylang
  • Immune: Thieves, Frankincense
  • Respiratory: Raven, RC
  • Reproductive: Progessence Plus, Goldenrod, Endoflex, 

One thing to note: everyone has a body and everyone has body systems, but each of us has different body chemistry…so an oil that works for one person might not work as well for another person. Just because your friend had success with a certain oil and you didn’t, doesn’t mean you should give up on oils altogether.

  1. Everyone has emotions.

Just like we all have body systems, we all have emotions. We all have dealt with various things in our lives that can leave us feeling sad, angry, overwhelmed, stressed, hopeless, etc. 

Essential oils are excellent tools to have in your toolbox when dealing with emotions, big or small, because our sense of smell is the only one of the 5 senses that is directly linked to the limbic system, the area of your brain that is in charge of emotions and memory storage. 

This is a much bigger topic for another day, but what I want you to understand for now is that there are oils to help you deal with those emotions so that you can move forward in wellness- emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

  1. There are oils labeled safe for babies, kids and even pets.

To make it easy and less overwhelming, especially when you are new to oils, Young Living has made a line of pre-diluted oils and products for babies and kids. For babies, just look for the Seedlings label. For kids, look for the KidScents label. There is even a line of oils that are made specifically with the safety of your fur-babies in mind. If you’re interested in this line for pets and animals, look for those labeled Animal Scents. 

  1. They can be an inexpensive way to make your home less toxic.

If you love a good DIY recipe, then you’ll be happy to know there are so many DIY recipes out there to help you rid your home of the toxins on a budget. We will be sharing some with you in upcoming blogs.

If you’re not a big DIY’er, then don’t worry! There are a ton of clean, non-toxic products that Young Living has already made for you. You can ditch and switch with the click of a button!

If you’re like me though, you’re somewhere in the middle of a DIY’er and a “just let me click the button and buy it” mentality. I like to buy the YL products because I know they are non-toxic and safe for my family, but I also like to save as much money as I can.

Thankfully, most YL home products are highly concentrated bottles of goodness! This means I can dilute them with water, sometimes add a little baking soda and some extra oils, then I’m good to go at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the DIY work! That’s a win-win for me!

Don’t let non-toxic living intimidate you. It really is simple if you just focus on ridding the toxins in your home, one room at a time! It doesn’t have to happen all at once.

Little changes made over time, make a big impact! We’re here to help you do that!

  1. They’re easy and simple, so anyone can effectively use them!

I hope you’re getting the idea of just how easy and effective oils can be! We have an amazing community of oilers here that are more than happy to hold your hand along the way too! That’s what the videos here on our webiste and the weekly 10-minute Zooms are all about. We want you to feel equipped and empowered to take control of the health and well-being of your family! You deserve it and so do they!

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