Allergies Be Gone!

I started my teaching career at the age of 21. That first year I had 28 kindergarteners in my classroom. They were bright-eyed, eager to learn and lots of fun. But that was also the year I started suffering from tons of sinus infections.

Like clockwork, I would get them every August, February, and June. The doctor said they were due to allergies and he suggested allergy shots to build resistance to the allergens, hopefully making them go away. I dutifully went weekly to get them. Honestly, they did little. In fact, looking back I actually think it made my allergies worse and it never kept me from getting sinus infections.

It wasn’t until years later, long after I stopped the allergy shots, and had figured I’d be stuck on Zyrtec for the rest of my life, that I started learning more about natural alternatives. Not taking medication every day sounded like a great idea.

It was about that time that I had started learning how to incorporate essential oils into our lives and a friend told me about the “Allergy Trio.” 

I started using 4 drops each of Young Living’s Lemon Vitality, Lavender Vitality, and Peppermint Vitality combined with a bit of carrier oil (ex. Young Living V-6, Avocado oil, or Coconut oil) in an empty vegetable capsule. Each morning I would take my gel cap with a full glass of water. 

I found that when I combined this daily gel cap with consistent use of the Netti pot, and limiting my dairy and sugar intake, my allergies disappeared. On the days they were really bad, I could take another Allergy Trio gel cap mid-afternoon and find relief. 

My sinus infections disappeared. The headaches I suffered from were gone. The trips to the doctor’s office ended. 

I’ve been using this routine for over 5 years now and haven’t had a sinus infection since. Love having tools at my disposal that make such a huge impact!

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