Being a Better Gatekeeper of Your Home

YOU are the gatekeeper of your home.

YOU get to decide what is allowed in your home.

Are you making the best choices for yourself and for your family?

So many friends are overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out what is toxic in their home and what is safe to stay. Reading labels can be intimidating. Learning how to use nontoxic, plant-based products can feel overwhelming to the newbie.

Change is hard for many. We can find ourselves stuck in patterns. We can use excuses like “well, my mom always used this, and I’m okay.

But are we really okay?

So many of us struggle with infertility, hormonal issues, autoimmune disorders, asthma, eczema, cancer…just to name a few.

These are all issues linked to the harmful toxins lurking in your home!

So are we really okay? 

It’s time to do better for yourself and for your family. It’s time to say no to these things you’re allowing into your home out of convenience and habit.

I realize it can feel overwhelming in the beginning. But there are so many of us here to help you through the process and provide you with resources to make it easy. Take advantage of our FREE Ditch + Switch Nontoxic Home Guide.

Small changes will add up to a BIG impact

on your health + wellness and that of your family. 

It will even impact your future grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Imagine eliminating these same issues of cancer and infertility for your children, grandchildren, and beyond!

Check out the infographics below with little doses of information to help you take the first small step.

What ONE THING are you going to change today?

Are you going to throw out your candles? Are you going to make your own perfume? Are you going to switch to Thieves Household Cleaner (THC)? 

Are you going to throw out your neurotoxic fluoride toothpaste, endocrine-disrupting laundry soap and body wash, or cancer-causing deodorant? Something else? Let us know in the comments!

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