Clean, Nontoxic Makeup

People often think that companies can’t sell something if it isn’t safe, but this simply is not true!

Cosmetic, skincare, and body care companies frequently include ingredients in their
products that are not thoroughly researched, or which have actually been proven to be unsafe. Savvy Minerals, in contrast, holds to a much higher standard in clean beauty.

Here in the US. we don’t have a regulating organization looking out for us – of the over 10.000 chemicals used in cosmetics, only 11 have ever been banned or restricted by the F D A.

Yep, only eleven.

In contrast, the European Union has banned over 1,300 chemicals from cosmetics! They banned them because those chemicals are known or suspected to cause things like cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm, or birth defects.

Savvy Minerals banned even more ingredients than the 1,328 prohibited by the European
Union. They actually banned more than 2,500 ingredients and even some “natural ingredients” other clean makeup companies use!

Savvy Minerals is committed to:

NO Petrochemicals
NO Talc
NO Parabans
NO Phthalates
NO Gluten
NO Nano-particles
NO Metals
NO Synthetic Dyes
NO Bismuth

Their cosmetics only include things like:

Aspen Bark Extract, which has skin-softening properties and acts as a natural preservative.
Kaolin clay, which sucks out impurities such as grime, dirt, pollution, and germs from the pores.
Mica, which gives pure pigment color to your Savvy makeup.
High-quality minerals.
Non-nano ingredients.

In addtion, Savvy Minerals cosmetics are sustainably sourced, naturally derived, cruelty-free, and essential oil infused.

You can view the complete line of cosmetics from Savvy Minerals here. If you’re shopping for foundation, be sure to check out their new virtual “try it on” tool!…

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