Don’t FALL for Toxic Candles

Fall is my absolute, all-time favorite season. Something about September used to make me want to rush to the local candle store, grab every fall scented candle I could find, and basically start a small bonfire in my living room.

Little did I know at the time those candles were causing major impacts to my family’s health. I look back now and I realize how often we would complain of stuffy noses, sinus issues, and headaches when those candles were blazing.

Turns out candles often have toxic ingredients like benzene and toulene. These toxins have been known to cause cancer and problems with the central nervous system. No thank you!

So what’s a girl who loves fall to do?

Enter my Desert Mist essential oil diffuser with the candle flicker setting! Not only am I filling my home with amazing fall scents, but I’m also getting health benefits from the essential oils I choose. It’s a total win-win.

Ready to ditch and switch your fall candles for your diffuser? 

Give these diffuser recipes a try:

Pumpkin Lovers

3 Clove

2 Orange

2 Cinnamon Bark

1 Nutmeg


3 Stress Away

2 Cinnamon bark

1 Northern Lights Black Spruce

1 Cedarwood

Warm Apple Pie

3 Lemon

2 Cinnamon bark

1 Clove

Sweater Weather

3 Eucalyptus Radiata

2 Juniper

1 Sage

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