How to Use the Oils in the Little Loves Bundle for Kids

We put together some helpful tips + tricks for you on how to use each of the oils and the supplement from the Little Loves Bundle that’s on sale at 36% off until March 31st…


This oil is great for improving focus and concentration. We like to apply a drop to our temples and on the back of our necks before and during school (or anytime we struggle to focus on the task at hand). It can also be applied to diffuser jewelry (like these custom name bracelets) and smelled throughout the school day. 


Great for boo-boos. We apply a drop topically on scrapes and bruises to promote healing. (Be sure to keep this one in your purse, moms!) You can even apply one of those spray tops we mentioned in the DIY bug spray post


Reach for this one anytime you have an upset tummy of any kind. We like to apply a drop in the belly button. It works really well and really fast…which is important in critical situations, right moms?! 🤮 


It’s great for sleep. Shocker! We apply it along the spine before bedtime when battling restlessness. We also love to add it to the diffuser next to the bed. If you’re a fan of Epsom Salt Bath Soaks, then you’ll love the recipe below. 


We apply a drop of this on the chest and back to help open the airways when our littles are stuffy or to stop their runny noses. There’s also a really great DIY chest rub you can make (see recipe below). 


This is a favorite by so many! It smells amazing and is so good at helping kids to process tough emotions. It provides a sense of confidence to do the hard things and cultivates a positive attitude. We love to apply it on wrists and over heart. We also really love diffusing this one because it simply makes our home smell amazing! 


This yummy supplement was made for kids but loved and used by adults too. We take a packet when we need help to settle down and let the day go. It promotes the rest our bodies need to stay above the wellness line and helps ease occasional irritability. It also offers next-day benefits, helping improve focus and mental clarity. We simply empty the contents of the single-serving packet into the mouth about half an hour before bedtime.


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