Are you setting goals this month? Diffuse Motivation as you dream big and put those goals on paper. Looking for a bit of courage before an important conversation or task? Valor’s got your back. Need to get creative on a project? Diffuse Envision while you make it a reality. Make it through the 3pm slump with a drop of En-R-Gee. Apply a drop of Clarity to the inside of your wrists as you journal and reflect from the day. Store your favorite oils for on-the-go inspiration in the beautiful Roller Bottle Set you can get for free too!

Valor helps you do the hard things. It was formulated based on historical writings about Roman soldiers who were said to apply certain plant extracts and botanicals to instill feelings of courage and confidence before going into battle. This blend helps to usher in feelings of calmness, peace, and relaxation. It’s the same frequency as bone, so it’s a good choice for spinal alignment or when recovering from a bone fracture (should not be applied until the fractured bone has been set back into alignment.) Try applying to bottoms of feet, over heart, and along the spine.

Clarity promotes feelings of stability, focus, and a sense of productivity for the mind. It may also help with memory retention and mental alertness as it is oxygenating for the brain. Try using it as you study for a test or prepare for a presentation, then smell this same blend as you take the test or present your presentation. Try applying across forehead, on the back of neck, temples, and wrists.

Envision stimulates feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, helping you to visualize the future and motivate you to achieve your dreams and the goals you’ve set for yourself. This blend was created to release negative emotions and propel you to achieve your desired goals. Try applying on bottoms of feet, diffuse, or rub on wrists or temples.

En-R-Gee is an invigorating aromatic boost when preparing for any of life’s challenges or demanding performances when you need it most. It may help to improve your energy in a natural way without overstimulating. It may also help with mental alertness, as mentioned with Clarity above. Try applying to wrists and behind ears or to back of neck and on temples.

Motivation may stimulate feelings of action and accomplishment, providing positive energy to help overcome feelings of fear and procrastination. Use it to help you push through the difficult tasks. Try applying over the sternum/chest bone, on the bottoms of feet (especially the big toe), on an behind ears, and naval area.

Here’s a few more fun ways to use those free oils you’ll get this month from YL…

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