Lauren’s Brand Partner Story

I’m grateful MORE THAN EVER that I am able to earn an income from home. My business has changed so much since it began (unknowingly to me at the time) nearly 8 years ago!

I actually said I would never do the business…but then I had such amazing results with the products I was using for my family that I couldn’t help but casually share them with friends…then those friends wanted those products for themselves. I didn’t realize it, but I was doing the business just because I was caring for others and sharing what I loved!

At first, I was making just enough to cover my YL orders and get safe, nontoxic products for my family’s health, without it negatively impacting our budget…actually, it helped our budget because I wasn’t buying the toxic versions at Target and other stores anymore!

After a while, I stopped shunning network marketing and realized it was actually a very smart business model, praised by many of the top business leaders. I started intentionally sharing, realizing this was something that could impact those I love in very powerful ways – through health, wellness, and abundance.

Now, I’m all in, and I love that I am able to build this business alongside incredible, like-minded women who have become close friends. We encourage each other, we share ideas, we celebrate the wins together and we pray for each other through the growth. We enjoy this business so much more because we have each other.

I now have the tools to help me grow this business from a position of peace. I can be a homeschool mom of four, build a business that provides income for my family; and I can do it all without overwhelm and anxiety, without dropping any balls, and without regret or mom guilt.

So, yeah, I “fell” into the business years ago and played around in it with only one toe in for a long time, but I’m confidently building a business now…because I see how impactful it can be on the health and wellness of the families I support as customers and financially for those I support as brand partners alongside me.

This has been such an unexpected blessing for my own family too throughout the years. There were times when we couldn’t have paid the bills if it weren’t for my supplemental paycheck. Now, we’re growing to the point I am able to cover so much more. As we continue to grow, we have dreams of being extremely generous and making big impacts in this world, for the Kingdom!

I am grateful and excited for the future. I am grateful for the growth in my journey, that which I’ve already experienced and that which I know is still to come. I am thankful for customers who trust me and allow me to share alternative ways to care for their families without negative health impacts. I am grateful for amazing brand partners to work alongside me, both those here now and those who will join us at some point in the journey. I encourage anyone interested to give it a try. I don’t regret it one minute. I know you won’t either.

Whether you want to casually share or intentionally share, becoming a Brand Partner is a smart idea. Over the last several years, many are looking for additional streams of income, and this stream is a wise choice for those of us who love and use the nontoxic YL products for our families.

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