Natural Washing Machine Cleaner

We all know what happens after time when laundry is left in the washer – The machine can start to get really stinky!

If the washing machine isn’t cleaned, over time clothes will begin to stink as well. And did you know that buildup in the washing machine can actually wear out clothes at a faster rate?! Of course, we can use Thieves Laundry soap to help prevent this, but buildup still happens; and clothes are dirty, so the washing machine will get that way, too!

Pop this DIY in your washing machine and enjoy the fresh, clean feeling of having the washer sparkly clean! (Bonus: It’s cheaper than the toxic washing machine tablets you’ll find at the store!)




  • Place baking soda and Lemon EO in the drum.
  • Add white vinegar, THC, and Purification EO to the liquid soap compartment.
  • Run the “clean washer” setting.
  • Enjoy a clean, wonderful-smelling washer! Repeat once a month.

*Safe for HE washers.

Let us know in the comments if you try this! We love it!

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