No More Tummy Troubles

If you have kids, you know someone will complain of a tummy ache at some point during the week. Whether caused by foods they eat, not drinking enough water, a tummy virus, constipation, diarrhea, or nerves- it’s going to happen.

So what do you do if you’re moving to a more natural lifestyle? How do you help your little one feel better?

In our family we use TummyGize or DiGize with amazing results. Therapeutic essential oils are known to help bring the body back into balance. So if you are constipated, they can help get things moving. On the flip side, if you’re running to the bathroom too often, essential oils can help naturally stop things up.

My kids love the TummyGize roller. It’s a blend of ginger, tarragon, and other essential oils that are known for their calming impacts. We keep it in easy reach by their beds, and if they feel the need, they roll it on their stomachs to find relief.

If the roller isn’t around, or someone lost it (insert eye roll here), we have a bottle of TummyGize on our essential oil shelf. The kids are quite comfortable putting a drop or two on their stomachs and rubbing in a circular motion. It usually isn’t long before all thoughts of tummy discomfort are gone.

The adults in our family tend to use DiGize Vitality over TummyGize. Personal preference I guess. Not everyone loves the taste of DiGize Vitality, but we don’t mind it. It’s a blend that includes ginger, tarragon, peppermint and a few other oils. A couple drops under the tongue helps restore balance and we are on our way. 

We seriously keep TummyGize and DiGize in the car, my purse, in the kitchen, and even our homeschool co-op lunchbox. These are two definite musts to have in your oil collection.

You can order DiGize and TummyGize here.

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