Nontoxic Banana Peel Fertilizer

Did you know that you can use your banana peels to treat your garden to the nutrients it deserves and desperately needs?! 


Banana peels contain 42% potassium, one of the top three macronutrients that most plants need. Nitrogen and phosphorous are the other two important macronutrients. Banana peels don’t contain any nitrogen though, so they make a great fertilizer for tomatoes and peppers which don’t need a lot of nitrogen.



  • banana peels
  • quart or half gallon mason jars
  • water

Add 2 banana peels to each quart jar or 4 banana peels if you’re using half gallon jars. Fill the jars with water and seal securely. Allow mixture to rest for about a week before using it to fertilize your potassium-craving indoor or outdoor plants.

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