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Nontoxic Stain Remover Recipes

As a mom, you know that having an effective stain remover on hand is essential.

I used to use Shout, Spray ‘n Wash, and other stain removers like it because that is what I grew up on. It’s what my mom used and it’s all I knew. But, when I learned about the toxins lurking in my home, I knew I didn’t want to use those toxic stain removers any longer…especially on my kids’ and babies’ clothing + bedding.

We spend so much time wrapped up in fabrics that it’s important to ditch those toxic laundry detergents and stain removers.

The stain remover recipes below use simple, nontoxic ingredients that may already be in your home. If you’ve been making the recipes we’ve been sharing this year already, you definitely have most, if not all, of these already in your home.




  • With top on, gently shake ingredients together.
  • Blot any remnants of food or other culprits. Spray or pour mixture on stain.
  • Let sit for 1-5 min.
  • Gently rub fabric together (or use a brush), creating friction over stain. 
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • Rinse with hot water and soap or in washing machine with your laundry soap.
  • Gently shake before each use.


  • It’s best to attack stains immediately. Don’t let them sit if possible.
  • This recipes works on whites and colors, but always test a small area before using on a larger spot.
  • Don’t throw clothing with stains into the drier as this sets the stains and they’ll be impossible to remove. Air dry.
  • For really stubborn stains: Use the above spray. Place the garment in the washing machine with ½ cup washing soda and ½ cup hydrogen peroxide. Add your nontoxic laundry soap and wash as usual.




  • Combine laundry soap, Thieves Household Cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, and Lemon EO in spray bottle.
  • Fill the bottle the rest of the way with distilled water and gently shake to combine.
  • Spray stain with mixture and let sit a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the stain.
  • Rinse with cold water and wash as normal with your nontoxic laundry soap.


  • For really stubborn stains, sprinkle a little baking soda to stain then spray with this mixture.

Thieves Stain Stick


  • Thieves Bar Soap
  • Cold water


  • Saturate the stain with cold water and remove as much stain as possible.
  • Wet the Thieves Bar Soap and rub it into the fabric, over the stain.
  • For deeper stains, scrub with a toothbrush or gentle brush while rinsing under cold water.
  • Repeat as necessary, then throw in the wash as usual.


  • Keep the bar on a soap dish next to your laundry sink.

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