Periods. They’re the Worst. Period.

Here’s what I do to lessen the symptoms from Aunt Flo…

  1. I apply 2-4 drops of Progessence Plus (Pro+) daily on my forearm. This oil blend, containing wild yams, helps to keep my hormones in check. It was crucial for me after having a baby and dealing with Postpartum Blues/Depression! More on that another time though. I still use it daily and have now for years. I can tell when I have forgotten to use it consistently because those hormonal migraines come back. Ouch!
  2. I also apply 1-2 drops of Endoflex EO blend over my thyroid daily for overall endocrine/hormone support. It smells amazzzzing!!! So it doubles as my perfume, and I get compliments all the time from friends and random strangers.
  3. Dragon Time is an EO blend that I don’t use daily. I use it only when I’m acting like a dragon and spitting fire at everyone in my path. You know what I mean, ladies! Rubbing it over my abdomen helps to alleviate any cramps and discomfort.

Bonus: Over the last several years, my mom has also found Pro+ and Endoflex to be amazing oils for her menopause symptoms when she uses them daily, in the same way I apply them.

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