Two Mistakes I Made

Ever heard the saying: “Don’t make the same mistake twice”? 

Well, I made the same mistake twice. I’m a slow learner.

Learn from my mistakes:  

1.  Do not buy from Amazon. I repeat: DO NOT. 

Not all essential oils are created equal.  There is a reason why other oils are enticing to buy… you are getting a great deal right?  For example: 20 oils for $24 dollars.  RED FLAG. 

Young Living is the only essential oil company with the Seed to Seal commitment.  They own their own farms (no other EO company can say that) which means they can account for the quality of the oil you will get – they monitor the process from the planting of the seed, to the best time to harvest each plant, to the proper distillation procedure, to the sealing of the bottle. Young Living has highly trained scientists in-house as well as third-party labs that perform far more tests than other companies on each batch. This is to ensure that they deliver only the highest quality essential oil products with all the naturally occurring constituents needed for an effective essential oil your family can feel safe using.  Amazon does not offer that.

2.  Cheaper is not always better.

Again, back to number 1.  Take Lavender for example.  The Lavender essential oil that you buy from a company off Amazon or Ebay or even your local grocer does not even begin to compare to the Lavender from Young Living.  I tried it on my husband one night, and he could tell the difference right away.  He said Young Living’s Lavender did not smell artificial like the others did.  Every batch of Young Living’s essential oils undergoes advanced purity and efficacy testing by many highly trained scientists.  

I am all about saving money, especially during these times; however, I will not give up the quality of the oils or products I buy for my family …just to save $5 dollars.  Go ahead and put the Lavender in your Subscribe to Save order, and you will reap the benefits of the Seed to Seal guarantee.  

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