Vitality vs Regular Oils

What is the difference between Young Living essential oils and vitality oils?

Nothing, except the label!  

Young Living’s essential oils and Vitality oils are the exact same oil. Vitality is labeled for internal usage and the regular oils for topical and aromatic usage. The oils are exactly the same in every single way, except the label–The oils come from the same seeds, same plants, same farms. They are distilled and bottled exactly the same way. The only difference is the label. What sets them apart is that the Vitality oils are white and labeled for internal usage whereas the regular essential oils are colored and labeled for aromatic and topical usage

So today, as I prepared for our “Healthy Summer Treats” 10 minute Zoom, I found myself out of the white-labeled Lavender Vitality oil I needed for one of the recipes. No sweat! I grabbed my regular, purple-labeled Lavender EO and finished the recipe.

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